Staff List

Microorganisms Utilization Engineering
Masayuki HAYAKAWA, Ph.D Professor Applied Microbiology, Microecological Engineering   Search and Utilization of Microbial Resources
Kazuo NAKAMURA, Ph.D Associate professor   Mushroom Science and Biotechnology   Biological Activities and Functions of Mushrooms
Hideki YAMAMURA, Ph.D Assistant professor   Applied Microbiology, Taxonomy   Development of Isolation Method for Rare Actinomycetes and Taxonomy
Youji NAKAGAWA, Ph.D Assistant professor   Applied Microbiology,
Genomic Engineering
Analysis and Application of Adaptation Mechanisms of Yeast Cells in Non-Conventional Environment
Microbial Genomic Engineering
Yozo MIYAKAWA, Ph.D Professor  Molecular Genetics   Genome Science of Pathogenic Yeast Candida for Development of Antifungal Agents
Molecular Biology and Metabolic Engineering
Sadaharu UI, Ph.D Professor Biomolecular Engineering, Biomass Utilization   Molecular Design of Artificial Enzyme for Production of Valuable Compounds
Masami KUSUNOKI, Ph.D Professor Structural Biology   X-ray Structural Biology of Proteins of Animals, Plants and Microorganisms
Satoko NODA,Ph.D Associate professor Microbial Ecology, 
Applied Microbiology
 Molecular Phylogenetic Evolution, Environmental Molecular Microbiology
Takashi OHTSUKI, Ph.D Associate professor Applied Microbiology, Improvement of Microbial Function Development of Advanced Biofuel Production System Using Microbial Function
Takuji OYAMA, Ph.D Assistant professor Structural Biology X-ray Structural Biology of Proteins working for DNA replication and fatty acid metabolism
Susumu KOKUBO, Ph.D Assistant professor   Chemical Biology,
Bioorganic Chemistry
Isolation, Structure Determination and Synthesis of Natural Organic Products
Cell Culture Engineering
Hiroshi KUROSAWA, Ph.D Professor Cell and Tissue Culture Engineering   Development of Control System for Stem Cell Differentiation
Yoshitsugu OHNUKI, Ph.D Assitant Professor Cell and Tissue Culture Engineering  
Developmental Engineering
Teruhiko WAKAYAMA, Ph.D Professor Reproductive Biotechnology Study for nuclear reprogramming of somatic cell and generation of cloned animals
Tetsushi KISHIGAMI, Ph.D Professor Reproductive Biotechnology  
Eiji MIZUTANI, Ph.D Assistant professor Reproductive Biotechnology Study for epigenetic abnormality of cloned animals
Synthetic Biology
Hideyuki SHINMORI, Ph.D Associate Professor   Supramolecular Chemistry, Molecular Recognition, Bioorganic Chemistry Construction of Artificial Controlled Systems for Various Bio-Functions
Former staffs
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  Professor (~2015.3)    
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Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
University of Yamanashi